Monday, 14 July 2014

Bloodbowl Interval

Here's another project which I've started and not finished, the best game that GW have ever made; Bloodbowl! Eventually I'd like to have a selection of teams (and certainly a Lost and Damned team), but for now I've started to create an Orc team using lots of bitz left over from my Orc army of many years ago...

At the moment one of my sources of motivation is to create a pitch, teams etc for my son, who is two, so I've got a fair few years to get this up and ready! When do you think is a good age to introduce kids to BloodBowl?

So here's the start of the team and currently sitting in my "to be painted box":

And here's some more recent photo's with the blue and yellow colour scheme completed, starting off with an old Marauder ogre that has had a bit of converting done to it:

And some Orcs where I've experimented with rust by adding bicarbonate of soda and pva to the model:

And my favourite is a plastic orc added to an old Ork unibike (I've no idea what is was originally called and I've no idea where I got the metal bike bit from!):

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