Monday, 21 July 2014

Retinue Table: Chaos Sorcerer

For my Chaos Sorcerer I've decided to use what was officially a Chaos Warrior when released, but which I think fits the Nurgle Sorcerer well; I see him as dabbling in the dark arts of Necromancy as much as the Lore of Nurgle.

Such a nice miniature to paint (even though the pose is slightly awkward) and I love the Nurgle marking on his head and the decaying skin on the left side of his head. There's also some dripping blood (or poison) sculpted onto his sword.

I've gone for a yellow skin tone here to make him look as diseased as possible, lots of yellow washes over a white basecoat and then some brown and black glazes to make the skin look as disgusting as possible. Finally followed by some Tamiya clear red and purple, red, black washes for the blood:


  1. Definitely a sorcerer fro me too ! I love the yellow skin which enhances the red parts and make him look really sick. No doubt this one has horrible plans...

  2. It's as if you can see into my mind (or my conservatory)! I'll be posting some photos of his Necromantic dealings later today....