Thursday, 3 July 2014

Retinue Table: 6 Beastmen

So my new project relating to the Realm of the Lost and the Damned is to complete a representation for every entry on the Retinue Table, starting with D6 (6) generic beastmen. I've gone for some old school models (most of these will be) and included a small Marauder minotaur and a hound too for variety:

Really happy with this two headed, snake armed thug, in particular his loin cloth!

Loved this guy with his dog face (I removed the Khorne symbol from his forehead after much deliberation) and his short, tentacled arm.

Here's the Marauder minotaur - he'll be the champion of the beastmen (when I move from warbands to an army....!). I painted him using just black and white, with greys and even tried a little NMM on the armour and axe with varying degrees of success! I like how the zebra skin turned out.

I thought this manbeast looked quite regal with his outfit so I went for a deep purple. He doesn't seem as mutated as the others, still more human with small horns and cloven feet.

I looked on the internet for some images of hyenas to help paint this hound, I'm quite happy with the colour scheme and blending fur techniques.

And last, but by no means least, is a classic green beastman, copied directly from the Chaos Combat Cards and reproduced in several other GW publications of the period. I designed and freehanded the shield in dark reds to complement the green fur.

And here they are all together, ready to join up with a future Nurgle champion as part of his retinue.

ps. I should add here that I've now blogged up to (pretty much) where I am with my painting, so from now on, with a few exceptions) you'll be seeing what I am actually working on.... Thanks!