Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Retinue Table: D8 Chaos Dwarfs

So whilst I've been uploading all my recent images, this is what I've been working on in the background - Chaos Dwarfs.

I've always loved the Marauder Slayers and have slowly collected them from ebay (having sold my originals many moons ago) and I've only made a few small conversions to some which I picked up that were already damaged. I decided to use a range of different palid skin tones (washed onto a white undercoat) and brighter colours for their hair to create a chaotic looking group.

When I have time I'd like to add some tattoos too.

And here they are all together (bloody pain to rank up!).

Eventually these will become part of my Chaos Allies (another 6 to be added to make the magical Nurgle 14) as Chaos Dwarf Beserkers, but that is a long time in the future behind many other bright ideas I have....


  1. The beards absolutely make these models, awesome work. Could you let me know you paint the skin tones?

    1. Many thanks for the praise! For the skin tones I always use thinned washes over a white base and I mix in a little washing up liquid to help it flow, then layers of white with a touch of the original wash